Laura Belew:
  Is a retired UPS manager. She is a Wife, Mother, and active Grandmother to a beautiful family, she has this to say...

 I love Fitness Yoga with Sarah. Joined the studio about 4 years. Have been going regularly 2 X week since then. I have a   herniated disk in back and 2 total knee replacements. Immediately I feel more stiffness and back pain in the   mornings. I amaze myself at some of the positions/poses that I find myself in. Not to worry if you haven't exercised or done   yoga before. Fitness Yoga with Sarah is a no judgment zone. No one cares about how much you weight or your body type. We     are all there to create a healthy, stress free and pain free lifestyle. Who cares if we lose weight in the process? Recent studies     show that yoga is just as effective as aerobics in reducing/eliminating heart disease. Sarah has structured hours...some   mornings and some evenings to make it possible that we all get to enjoy yoga. Sarah is very patient and gentle with us. She is   one of the sweetest spirits you will ever meet. Come and join the fun! You won't be disappointed !

  Mona KingeryOriginal and Longest Fitness Yoga with Sarah Satisfied Customer 

  In 2013 I decided to take a free yoga class at the Louisville Free Public Library because rumitory arthritis has taken a toll on my body and I    was desperate to find a better healthier me. Those first few classes I was extremely limited as to what I could do. I could     not get down to the ground with out being able to get back to my feet on my own.  Sarah was able to work with my   aliments and offered modifications for a while. After about 4 weeks of yoga I was stronger, more flexible, and   confident. That's when the most amazing thing happened for me, I could finally get  up and down on my own unassisted!!   Now 6 years later I can do it all!! I have earned both my white and blue yoga strap status through Sarah's fun and   encouraging advancing program. But the best part is,  I can downward dog with the best of them! Because of Fitness Yoga   with Sarah I am active again!

Dedra Hayden:  Wife, Mother, Nurse Practitioner, & Migraine sufferer/ recoverer

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Karen Huffman:  Wife, Mother, UPS Business Professional,  (Hand standing Grandmother)

This is her exact words.....

My love for Yoga starts with my instructor Sarah Weldon Wardley.
You are by far the best of the best. You patience, persistence and love for your student's go above and beyond.

I'm so thankful to have found you and the studio. 
It's certainty changed my life for the best. 
Thank you for making my experience one of the greatest accomplishments of my entire journey. 
You are one of a kind.