About Sarah

I Love group fitness!!! I’ve done it all. Jazzersize, step aerobics, cross fit, zumba, bootcamps, insanity, dvds, body pump, ect.  However I dodged the yoga classes for years thinking it would go against my Christian beliefs, that; and it wouldn’t be enough of a challenge for me. Then in 2009 that all changed.

By fate I was at the gym during a time when the only group fitness class available was a yoga class. Not wanting to go home (or curiosity) I decided I would give yoga a shot, and participated in my first yoga class. With in a few minuets I had a defining realization “This is what I was meant to do with my life!” For the next year I took as many yogafit classes as I could. I learned that yogafit was not a religion, but a way of growing mind, body, and spirit towards health and happiness.  In 2010 I went to the University of Cincinnati and obtained my teaching certification through Yogafit. In 2012 Fitness Yoga with Sarah was established. 2014 our store front opened. I am a fan of professional development so throughout 2015/2016 I studied and became trained to teach in the style of Core Strength Vinyasa under Sadi Nardini's teachings.

Over the last 8 years I have had the privilege of helping hundreds of people gain the healthy benefits that yoga offers. I have volunteered in my community and taught yoga classes at the Louisville Free Public Library, Local Parks, Fundraising events, Elementary Schools and the YMCA after school program. My teachings have also landed me in multiple award winning gyms and MMA studios. My clients range from children to seniors, couch potato to professional athlete. That's the beautiful thing about yoga. It is for anybody! Let me repeat that... it is for ANY BODY TYPE.  ALL ARE WELCOME.

Today I am still instructing, but have also opened an award winning yoga studio right in the heart of Okolona. (8314 Preston hwy, ste F, Louisville KY 40219) We are unique, intimate, affordable and pretty much just overall awesomeness!!!!!