Meet Jill Mitchell Your July 2019 

Student Spotlight

Fitness Yoga with Sarah friends and family day

Meet Jill Mitchell

Over a year ago, the universe sent me a message about yoga, most importantly, a message about Fitness Yoga by Sarah. Three different people, from three different parts of my life, all mentioned her studio.  After years of battling both health and weight issues, I had often wondered if yoga would help, I knew I needed to build my strength. None of these people fit my mental image of the leotard-wearing people of Hollywood movies. I finally acknowledged that yoga might be what I needed.  Well...I cried through my first Groupon month... literally. I felt so self-conscious and I couldn't even do a downward-facing dog. Moves that I felt were easy for everyone else, I struggled with. Then I realized I wasn't the only one struggling, I wasn't the only one shedding tears and I wasn't the only one overcoming some of life's or yoga's challenges. EveryBODY is different. EveryBODY has their good days and bad days. EveryBODY has their own personal victories. All of which are supported and celebrated by this amazing group of yogis. I have been in my yoga journey for 18 months now and I have learned more about what both my body and mind are capable of. I still struggle with some moves and have to modify frequently to fit my body shape and medical issues. My personal victory...I can now hold my downward-facing dog as long as I need to. I am excited to see what the next 18 months brings me. I know one thing for certain, I'll be holding my own. 

   Our sweet and wonderful Sara Sterns will be graciously opening up her home to us, so we can spend time together as friends and yoga family. This event will take place on July 13 from 2:00-? P.M  A fun filled day of yoga and non yoga activities.

     Try you hand at aerial yoga or a hula hooping session.  We will also be enjoying a meal together and swimming.  You are encouraged to bring a dish and your own towel for the pool.   And as always the more the merrier!  Hope to see you all there.

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