Meet Your January 2018 Student Spotlight


I joined Fitness Yoga with Sarah May of 2016. My favorite thing about practicing yoga is the freedom to make it my own on a daily basis. No two days are the same, because I come into the studio just a little different everyday. My favorite thing about FYS is the totality of the experience. This studio isn't 'just' any one thing. It is everything. We work out, we bond, we share, we explore our limits and take comfort in our peers. We have individual expression, while also lifting each other up. We engage strength, flexibility, breath and mind. FYS is the total package. I like to think of myself as mould-less. I teach, but also drive a racecar. I crochet and ghost hunt. I took ballet, and I walked on glaciers. I am Native, I've lived in Alaska, I was born on tax day. My name is unique, as are my experiences and insights. I take pride in being one of a kind.

December 2017 Student Spotlight

Karen Ebernez